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Scheduled Maintenance

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Why would anyone in their right mind carry out scheduled maintenance in the middle of a weekday?! I am unable to use the app or the web app and there is a big red banner on the website that says Notice of Scheduled Maintenance: The Evernote service is undergoing rolling scheduled maintenance. You may be unable to log in or sync for up to 30 minutes. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience.

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A bunch of answers, pick your choice:

Because they have users all over the world, and the data centers are located in their vincinity.

Because it is not the one big machine, but a cluster of small servers, each one servicing a group of users.

Because they need to take each one down, do the job, and get it back online again.

 Because the don’t expect users not to see that they could simply go offline, and continue to use EN during 30min downtime.

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EN ist hosted on a lot of servers, each for a group of users. Maintenance should last 30 minutes, up and down for one user. If it takes significantly longer, you can try to reach support.

You should do this as well of a mobile client is working. Before you can in this case (!) try to log out and back in.

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Having all these problems with mobile. Actually it started yesterday. Tried to log out, it just circled around. Then tried to get back in and just get the logo page. Can't do anything. I have the free account,  same one that I've had for over 7 years. 

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3 hours ago, DJandRJ said:

I haven't been able to open any notes. When I wanted to sync it didn't work. I tried to log out and now I can't log back in...just get a white page with the Evernote logo. So....is the maintenance still going on?

I think any hiccups due to maintenance would affect a single user for a very short period of time -- definitely not for a week.

I suspect that because you are limited to two devices as a free user and you are seeing the dreaded white page with the Evernote logo, it's possibly because you've run afoul of the two device limitation.

Check some of the results in this google search of this forum for "two device blank screen": https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Adiscussion.evernote.com+two+device+blank+screen

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