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Windows Desktop -There is no "Export" option

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. I do see the export option on that menu. What version of Evernote are you using?

Export can be found in 2 other places: on the File menu; and by right-clicking a note in the Notes List. (If multiple notes are selected in the notes list, they can all be exported at once, up to a maximum of 50). Do you see Export on either of those menus?

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9 minutes ago, Nick Drakon said:

I don't see any of that. I am using the web version of Evernote on google chrome and it says i am using the latest version. I am on evernote personal (paid)

IIRC you need Professional plan to export to PDF. 


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@Nick Drakon A bit confused... In your first post you say you are using the Windows Desktop app. In your second post you say you are using the web browser.

You can export individual notes as PDF in the Windows Desktop app with a subscription. There is greater function in the Desktop app with a Professional plan.

Of course you could print to PDF. However printing doesn't work well for v10 of Evernote. Haven't tried that with the web version myself.

You might find it worthwhile installing the Legacy app to handle this.

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I also have a free account for testing purposes,  and the installed client has 'export to PDF' as an option under the file menu and the three dots menu in a note.  Don't know what options there are under each.  To switch between apps by the way is much nicer now - I click on my name in the menu,  choose 'add account' and log into another account which then appears in my Evernote window.  I can switch back to professional seamlessly by clicking the name of my other account at any time.

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I have Evernote Free and have had it since 2013.  I do not know how to determine which software version I have. I do not see any way to export my data for backup. When I click the three dots, export does not exist. I have tried selecting a single note to try out.  How do I backup my data?

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On 9/24/2023 at 5:38 PM, Michael Dixon said:

I do not know how to determine which software version I have.

Click on Help and About

On 9/24/2023 at 5:38 PM, Michael Dixon said:

How do I backup my data?

Please confirm your Evernote version.

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