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Dropping a device - error

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Hi, I have a new phone (iPhone) and I’m now locked out of Evernote as I am using the free version. On 3 occasions I have tried to ‘drop a device’, removing my old phone (which has the same name as my new phone, however the new one I am using is noted as ‘current device’). Each time I chose the other phone and it still logs me out saying I have too many devices. 

Do I need to log in to the old phone (that he already been factory reset) to drop it? I’m sure I’ve done it before from the new phone.

Your help is appreciated! Thanks :)

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First the best method is to log out on the device you want to remove before setting it back.

Then use the „second“ device to unsync.

It is better to give a new device another name, since it is easier to tell them apart in the devices listing. Don‘t use the new device to unsync an old one when you are already above the limit. Use the second device, the one not involved in everything to make the syncing changes. 

If you have no other device synced, you should not have a problem to connect. In this case you can shed the old device using the new one - but only then.

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57 minutes ago, EliseBuffy said:

Thanks @PinkElephant. As noted in my original question, the old phone is already factory reset, so I can’t log out.


is there another way around it? Thanks

If you log in to your Evernote account on the web and go to the Devices link in the menu you should be able to revoke access. For free there is a limit on how many times you can do this per month.


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The limit on dropping devices is two times per month.

The easiest way is to subscribe for one month which is a modest price. You can then do all the changes and get everything working. Otherwise, wait until the next month. The page @Jon/t pointed too should guide you through everything.

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