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Hi.  It's not an exact science,  but if you 'print' to a PDF file and then look at the PDF print settings you should be able to get very close to the right size.  If you still need help,  can you be more specific about what the problem is?  How big was the original,  and what size is Evernote giving you on a print?


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An Evernote note has no physical size associated with it. The format adjusts to fit the screen space. If you have a PDF attached to a note then print via your default PDF viewer. Right click the PDF, select open and then print. If you print from within Evernote then the app will make a best guess at the screen size and resolution that is appropriate.

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This is IMHO simple: The file marked as „Original Evernote pdf“ is a portrait pdf, printed as landscape. The page number and size top right is not in the pdf, it is from printing. This happens when the printer is set to landscape and „adapt Page size to printer setting“. It is possible EN can’t influence this default printer setting, it is known to be weak on printing.

The original pdf is in portrait orientation. This is overridden by the printer settings.

As a workaround on the Mac, click on the pdf and select „Open“ from the popup menu. It will by default open in the Mac’s Preview app. Print from there, then choose „Close Window“ cmd-W. It will close the file in Preview, save any changes and return to EN.

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Whatever - printing is still quite basic in EN. We guys around here are users, and we share what we learned ourselves.

  • Use the workaround I posted if you want to print.
  • Contact support if you want an answer from EN.
  • Continue the thread if you hope for another answer.
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