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How to take a photo or scan with my iPhone from within Evernote on my iPad

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When sitting at a conference, taking notes on my iPad, I need to also capture what is on the auditorium screen and place it in the note I am working on. Lifting up the iPad to take a scan/photo is cumbersome. It would be great if someone knows how to scan the screen with my iPhone and drop it directly into a note on my iPad.

What I have been doing is scanning the screen with Scannable on my iPhone, making sure it is an image (quite often it is a PDF made up of several scans), AirDrop it to my iPad and then find it there to import into Evernote on my iPad. I use Scannable to avoid the tombstone effect.

Any ideas? I can't believe this would be a new feature request because it must be a very common problem.

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I think that your current solution is probably the best. You could install Evernote on your phone but you would almost guarantee to have duplicate notes if you worked on a note at the same time on two separate devices.

Perhaps the only other option would be to capture the pictures in a new note inside Evernote on the phone and then move the image across one it has synchronised to the iPad.

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You want to play with your gadgets, or follow the conference ?

Unless your main job is to build a documentation of the conference in real time, you IMHO better minimize the amount of zip and zap with your devices, and focus on the content that is shared and discussed. I think secondly that it is disturbing and shows a lack of respect to fidget around with devices during the lecture. For maximum effect in this respect get an iPad 12.9 with a bright red or purple case, and use it for taking pictures ...

  1. Follow the conference, taking meeting notes. Fine, that's why you are there in first place.
  2. Take a picture of slides shown, use any app that is able to do so in good quality, including tombstone-correction. Fine too, especially when using an iPhone in silent mode. I would not use Scannable, I would rather use Microsoft Lens, just as one example. I want the pictures in the camera roll.
  3. To make it easier to join notes and pictures later, you can prepare for the meeting notes by including a 2 column table into the note. Use one column for the notes, use the second for the slides. The column width will set the width of the pictures, making them look more alike.
  4. If there are several lectures, better have one note per lecture, and a TOC note, than trying to press the whole conference into one large note.
  5. After the conference, review and maybe improve the pictures of the slides. Import the clean fotos into the column beside the notes. Save the note from time to time, to have it saved in case something goes wrong while editing (EN iOS currently is sometimes freezing, with a risk of data loss).
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What I choose to do at a conference is way outside the scope of what you need to comment on. 
However, thanks for one tip, which is to prepare a table in advance. That might help readability of the notes. 

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Oh, I forgot: No, there is no way to send a picture taken with an iPhone directly into a Note you are just editing on the iPad.

Editing locks the note on the device.

You can send a photo into EN while you edit another note, but it will show in a new note. And the note needs to sync to the EN server from the iPhone first, and then from there to the iPad.

The next closest thing is to take the picture on the iPhone, save it to the camera roll, let it sync through iCloud (or force it by AirDrop) to the Photos app on the iPad, and insert the picture through the blue + menu into the edited note. Leaving the Photos app open on both devices may speed up sync.

More action, and for every photo.

Remark: You must not like what I tell, but you can't decide if I tell. And I probably have been in enough conferences and meetings, and tried and seen enough stuff to know when something smells like technical overkill, and participation underperformance.

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Tap the upward arrow on the new note button, then tap Take a photo or Scan a document. In older versions of the app, tap the camera icon from the Evernote home screen (iOS) or the Evernote Android widget. Snap a photo by tapping the shutter button. Source : https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/222177927-Capture-handwriting-and-scan-documents-with-your-phone/fillet flounder

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I posted this same thing a few minutes ago on another thread, but it seems relevant here as well.

What are your thoughts with regards to this question by OP and this announcement by Ian Small from Evernote’s Next Move: Joining the Bending Spoons Suite of Apps -- Ian Small 11/16/2022 -- https://evernote.com/blog/evernote-next-move-joining-bending-spoons/:

  • As I write this blog post, our new collaborative editing capability, which allows multiple people to edit the same note simultaneously, and individuals to edit the same note on multiple devices without note conflicts, is in early days of beta testing around the world.

Would this not then allow OP (and anyone) to actually edit the same note at the same time from multiple devices? This could be very cool and handy indeed. I was thinking of it more in terms of improved synchronization and less conflicts/duplicates, but it does seem logical that the same person could edit the same note on multiple devices like Google Docs and others of that caliber.

Then @Huddo could do what they are asking by just having the same note open on iPhone and iPad.

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2 hours ago, Boot17 said:

Would this not then allow OP (and anyone) to actually edit the same note at the same time from multiple devices?

Yes. I can't say much more as a beta tester other than that it has worked quite well on the tests I have been part of.

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