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  1. What I choose to do at a conference is way outside the scope of what you need to comment on. However, thanks for one tip, which is to prepare a table in advance. That might help readability of the notes.
  2. When sitting at a conference, taking notes on my iPad, I need to also capture what is on the auditorium screen and place it in the note I am working on. Lifting up the iPad to take a scan/photo is cumbersome. It would be great if someone knows how to scan the screen with my iPhone and drop it directly into a note on my iPad. What I have been doing is scanning the screen with Scannable on my iPhone, making sure it is an image (quite often it is a PDF made up of several scans), AirDrop it to my iPad and then find it there to import into Evernote on my iPad. I use Scannable to avoid the tombstone effect. Any ideas? I can't believe this would be a new feature request because it must be a very common problem.
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