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Hi Evernote

I don¨t know where to look. I have scanned hundreds of old letters into the Evernote system. They are labeled with date. I want now to change them all to like this "Adam letters file 1". How should I procced to change it in a batch?

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I think that you will find that this isn't possible in Evernote v10.

You would need some scripting to do this in bulk. It may be possible with Evernote Legacy and an external script.

Normally you would rename the scanned document as you input each one. I would have changed the default name to 'Adam letters file #' and added a number each time I saved a new scan.

I'm sorry that doesn't help at this stage. It may be quicker to rescan everything than try to work out how to batch rename the note.

You could play with an ENEX export. Or all the scanned letters in a new notebook. Export the notebook. Edit the note titles in the ENEX document and then reimport into a new notebook. That would be the route I'd try if there's were a lot of documents/notes involved.

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Batch file name changes can be done with apps outside of EN.

Solid batch changes on picture files offers Irfan View, for example.

However it will be difficult to include content into the file names applied in a batch process. This will probably require some scripting.

Once there are good file names applied, the import into EN can be done through one or several import folders. Each import folder can be linked to a different notebook.

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Freemium third party app Filterize can re-title notes in accordance with some basic rules - "if this note has tag <title>,  add "Adam letters file" as title prefix"



To process your notes there a several types of actions

Title: Modify your notes title

Tag: Add and change tags

Reminder: Manage your reminders

Templates: Apply templates to your notes



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