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Photo Upload Disabled

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Dear Evernote Users,

As everybody probably can tell from their own experiences, for some reason Evernote has set it's design so that it is literally impossible to upload a profile picture. I am absolutely 100% very steadfastly certain and sure that my attempted uploaded photo meets the specific photo requirements. I have attempted this hundreds of times. Frankly, it is incredibly tiresome and annoying. It would have been easier had Evernote just straight up stated they do not allow profile photo upload anymore. Please, if everyone else can, please join me in sending separate help requests and chat requests to let Evernote know that we would really appreciate if they brought back the profile photo upload feature. Why not. It seems a genuinely decent thing to bring back to Evernote. Please add your requests, folks, so Evernote knows you wish this also.

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Hi.  Where were you trying to create your own profile picture?  If it's in the Forums where you so far have 1 post,  then being a newbie is the reason you don't have that permission yet.  (The forums,  by the way,  are managed by a third-party and not under Evernote's control anyway...)

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In my Evernote account I have easily added a profile photo to both of my accounts on addition to my account in the forums too.

Tell us more about how you are attending to achieve this. 

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Never thought of adding a profile pic to my Evernote account, but just tried it and succeeded in literally 1 minute. I did have to pick one that was <700KB, and then use the crop tool, but it was no problem. As others have asked, please give details of where the problem is occurring.

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