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Evernote and Disqus

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As I understand it,  Disqus is a comments system that allows visitors to a website to record their own views on the content.  As such,  it's part of the website - wouldn't ordinary Clipper work to save the comments?

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I still don't understand your use case, sorry.

Disqus is a service I know as running embedded into a website. It spares the web master to run its own comments function. Disqus does it, including handling users, managing threads, enabling anti-spam, setting comments for review etc.

  • Either you operate the website, and want to grab all comments. On a single page ? Under a specific blog post ? Or everything that is commented on that website ?
  • Or you post comments yourself on any website, not operated by yourself. Now you want to save these comments (for whatever reason).

Can't be so hard to tell what you want to do ...

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If you just want to save it (and have it searchable), a screenshot is the probably easiest way. It will show details like user name or the date & time stamp as well as the text. On the other hand you can’t extract the text of the comment, at least not with tools provided by EN.

Another option when you are on a website is to select the relevant part of the site, for example a comment. When you have it selected, open the web clipper. There will be a new option called „selection“ which allows to clip exactly what you selected before.

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On 9/6/2022 at 3:43 AM, Dvx70 said:

Hello to everybody....

My goal is to save my own Disqus post onto a local disk... Do you know if is there a way usig Evernote ?

Advanced thanks to everybody will help me.


I just went to Disqus.com on a desktop browser, logged in and went to my profile, then used the web clipper and it saved a very nice copy of my recent comments. Give that a try and see if that meets your needs?

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