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Bulleted lists limited to 9 levels?

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I am not aware of a limit - but this does not tell anything, except I never need 10 sublevels of a list. I am more the straightforward guy, 3, maybe 5 bullet points „and Action“. From your screenshot there probably is a limit for sublevels, and in this case it is hard coded.

To be sure ask support.


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Thanks for your answers. As for the straightforwardness, in the 12 years of my using Evernote it is actually the first time I encountered this limitation. 

Workflowy is very interesting. Found out that when copying a 15-level list from Workflowy and pasting it into Evernote, it maintains the formatting. However, editing becomes problematic in that you can add bullets on the same level (15th) and on higher levels (14th), once on the higher level (14th), you cannot go back to a lower one (15th).


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