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Evernote Desktop slow to show new notes

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My workflow is to go through articles on Chrome and then to add them through webclips to evernote.

It takes at least 30second-1minute for them to show up in the Evernote Desktop app.

Is that normal?

Other apps that I tried out are almost instantaneous.

I just started using Evernote so I'm not sure if this is normal behavior or whether e.g. the paid version is faster.

Thanks for any response!

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Be happy it is some seconds or a minute: 

The web clipper clips to the API. A new note is created on the server (not in the client), the web clip is processed and attached.

Now the new note needs to sync to all the clients, including the one installed on the same machine where the browser was used for the clipping.

The moment it appears it has already travelled thousands of km, and through several computers. Pretty fast, if you think about it.

One advantage of this clipping through the API is you don't need to open the client to make a web clip. Opening the browser with an installed web clipper extension is enough - the EN server with the API is available 24/7.

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