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Problem Web Clipper

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Dear forum,

my problem is as follows: When I am using the Web Clipper to save a "simplified article" into my Evernote, then in the clipping the URL is shown twice (see screenshot marked in red) and the title of the article is shown twice as well (blue).

Why is that? It doesn't look nice and is confusing if both (URL and title) are shown twice??

Is is possible to adjust the settings to only have URL and title once?

many thanks for an advice and best




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The first instance of the URL, in the gray bar at top right, is a special section of the note, a field populated when the note originates from or refers prominently to a URL. It's convenient for reference; there's no way to remove it from the interface. If you click the down arrow at the right end, you get options to go to, edit, or remove the URL. It is definitely redundant to have the source repeated at the top of the note; but the URL field at top right is often populated from something that appears farther down the note, if there is no URL source for the note content itself.

As to the title, the clipper by default picks up the Web page title as the title of the note. If the duplication is annoying, as @gazumped says you can just change the title in the clipper before you clip. Or, once the note is created, you can delete both the title and the URL in the note itself.

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When deleting redundant references to urls it is worth remembering that if you merge notes which contain "note urls" (the top right reference) only the first one appears in the merged note. In legacy there was an option to display the note urls in each section of the merged note. So if you ever merge notes, need to keep the reference as to where each original note came from and don't like the duplication then I would delete the "note url" meta data and not the one that appears in the body of the note.

You could do a "prep notes for merging" step where you copy the note url into the body of the note but it would be easy to forget and generally a pain!

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