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  1. Thank you very much, this solved the problem, thanks again 🙂
  2. Thank you all for your comments! No, I am fine now, it just happend sometimes that I accidentialy created a note and wanted to cancel it, but this is maybe also as I am still in the test & explore phase. So thank you again & best 🙂
  3. Dear forum, my question is as follows: When I am using the Evernote web version and I want to create a new note: For this I click on the green button "create" on the left side and then a small pop-up menu appears, asking me if I want to create a task or a note. But I never use Evernote to create any tasks .. and therefore I don't want to be offered to make this decision between creating a task or new note. Is it not possible to adjust the menu, so Evernote web version would not ask me this question? For the mobile app I know how to adjust this ... there it is possible to tailor the shape of menu ... but for the web version, how can I adjust this there? I am using a paid version of Evernote .. but still didnt find the way how I could adjust this, Thank you very much !! best regards
  4. Dear forum, I am challenged by the following: When I want to move a note to another folder => For this I click the button to move this note to a new folder => And then I can select the new folder. But in the menu I can only see a few folders which are proposed to me .. or I can search the folder I am looking for. That is fine, but sometime I don't recall the name of the folder. But from the menu it is not possible to open my folder structure and browse through it and then pick the folder I want to move the note to? Instead what I tend to do: I close the menu. I go to the menu und the side-bar, open my folder structure and search the folder I am looking for. Then I know the name of the folder. I go back to the note that I want to move ... and open the menu again ... and now I can search for the folder I want to move the note to ... I find the folder and move the note there. But this is so time consuming. Am I doing anything wrong? Why is it not possible to browse through my folder structure directyl from this menu? Thank you very much for an advice, with best regards
  5. Dear forum, What happens sometimes to me is as follows: I want to create a note on the Evernote mobile app and for this I click on the button "create a note" But then, ups, I realize I didnt want to create a note, but let's say I wanted to scan a document, so I want to go back in the menu to select "scan a document". But in the app there is no way to navigate back, so in this case, although the note is completely empty, I still need to "delete" this new note, in order to be able to navigate back to the screen and to then select eg a document scan. But this is procedure is time consuming .. and not fast enough ... Therefore my question, is it not possible to navigate back without having to delete such empty note? I hope my question is clear, thank you
  6. Dear forum, I have a pretty "dumm" question probably. But where can I find the questions that I posted here in the Evernote forum? When I klick on my account, I don't see "my posts" or so... So eg last week I posted a question here in the forum ... and the week before another one ... and if I want to go back to these my posts to see what the latest status of discussion is ... how do I find these without having to scroll down all the posts ... until I find the ones I created? many thanks !! best regards
  7. Dear community, I would have a question as follows: When adding a picture into an Evernote note, embedded into the text, is it not possible to have a frame or shadow around this picture so it is highlighted and easier to be seen? For example in the attached screenshot I tried to highlight this little table which I had copied to the note with a red frame around it.But to do so I had to manually paint this little frame around the embedded picture question: Is it really necessary to manually paint a frame around such embedded picture in order to highlight it from the background? Is there no way to automatically generate a frame or shadow around the embedded picture? thank you! best regards
  8. Thank you all for getting back to my question, I now understand the topic and the problem is solved, So thanks again 🙂 best
  9. Dear forum, my problem is as follows: When I am using the Web Clipper to save a "simplified article" into my Evernote, then in the clipping the URL is shown twice (see screenshot marked in red) and the title of the article is shown twice as well (blue). Why is that? It doesn't look nice and is confusing if both (URL and title) are shown twice?? Is is possible to adjust the settings to only have URL and title once? many thanks for an advice and best P
  10. Dear agsteele and dear PinkElephant, thank you very much for your comments and advice, these are very helpful and much appreciated 🙂 so thank you again and best regards !!
  11. I just started a new subscription of Evernotes Personal and I am still in the process of defining the right process for how to use Evernote according to my needs. My challenge is as follows: I plan to use Evernote for private and also business related matters. But when opening my Evernotes account on my company PC (eg to look at the new article that I drafted), I would not want that my colleagues in the office could see my private notes. So I wonder how I can separate between private + business related matters? I was thinking: If I create a 2nd Evernote account (a free version) and share the business related folders with that fee account, then when at the office on my company PC, I would log into this free accound and look at the shared folder (which would only contain the new article that I wrote). Is that the right approach, or would Evernote of the community suggest a better solution/setup? Thank you so much! with best regards P
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