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Evernote Mobile Performance when there's many notes

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Recently I've been thinking how can I optimize Evernote's performance (esp Sync), and one thing I thought about, is the number of Notes that Evernote can handle.

Does anyone know how many Notes is Evernote optimized to handle, while still staying fast (wrt. to Sync, Editing, Crash, Responsiveness)?

And what are some steps one can take, in spite of having many notes?

Also, does reducing the number of notebooks toggled in Offline Downloads help with syncing speed?

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There is a general limit of 100.000 notes for an account.

Personally I am around 10k, and experience not problems. I don't think that the number of notes really plays a role in the speed on actual devices. That it gets slower on older / less powerful devices is probably a result from the computing needs of the app vs. the restricted power of the devices CPU.

Offline download is an additional process, it will run in the background while the app is in use. If the device is running slow anyhow, it puts an additional stress on the apps performance. Once everything is downloaded I would not expect an impact any more.

Just my user experience on several iOS devices (age from 2015 - 2022, all on the latest iOS and app release), to be sure ask support.

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Nearly 60,000 notes here,  and now rising v.e.r.y..s.l.o.w.l.y - natural wastage means old notes go to archive or Trash,  as new ones come along.  I recently switched to a multi-notebook system so I have around 350 notebooks (1,000 is the limit).  I have a new,  go-faster,  Win11 Dell desktop on which Evernote sings - and two other laptops (4+ years old running Win 10 and Linux) on which it works - just about.  Win 10 has Legacy,  plus occasional v10 Web;  Linux runs the Linux v10 Beta.  They are noticeably slower than the desktop.

It obviously is a memory-hungry app,  but given that the main database is held on the server I don't think the number of notes or notebooks has a major effect.  Add memory to your system if you can - otherwise optimise the system as much as possible - faster connection speeds and more disk space should help.  If you're a subscriber (and of the number of your notes is worrying you,  you probably should be...) contact Support for their help - they can walk you through any updates / upgrades that might help.

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The subject heading refers to "mobile" performance, so I assume this applies to an Android or iPhone? If so, then to my knowledge Evernote does not completely download all notes to the device, only enough information to display lists of notes. Display and editing of an actual note requires that it be downloaded at that moment. (Someone please correct me if I've got that wrong.) So the number of notes in your account would not matter to performance. Of course, notes that are downloaded to use offline would not have to be downloaded before editing, so that should speed things up, once the download has happened.

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