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Import from Markdown files (or Markdown-based services) as a native note



I would like to import from other Markdown-based services as a native note (not a file attached to a note). Right now there is no good way to export notes from one service into Evernote unless the service can export as an enex file. Many note taking services are not defaulting to Markdown as their method of creating notes and as an export option (Bear Notes, Craft, Ulysses, Obsidian, etc). The inability for Evernote to import these notes natively is preventing me from considering Evernote as a viable, long-term option.

Please create a feature to import Markdown documents as native notes, or build import options from some of these other services. Thanks!

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@agsteele Understood. My particular request is not about using Markdown, nor is it about ensuring Markdown support is provided as a requirement or because it's a key part of how I work. I, personally, would like to be able to export from another product into Evernote without having to literally copy and paste each note one by one. Import options into Evernote are super limited and many of Evernote's competitors are leveraging Markdown as the native note format. This feels like a massive miss by Evernote if they plan to attract customers to switch to their platform. The inability to seamlessly transition whole libraries of notes from a competing product into native notes within Evernote should be a feature on the top of Evernote's list.

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Hi, I was frustrated by the lack of this capability too, so I created a tool that will help with this.


This tool takes a directory of markdown files, and converts them into a .enex file which you can then import into Evernote.

I was migrating from Apple Notes, so I used https://apps.apple.com/us/app/exporter/id1099120373?mt=12 (exporter) to export them all to markdown, and then this tool to import them.

A few nice features:

1) As the Exporter tool preserves note creation and modification date, that is also preserved by this tool on import

2) This has been tested on a large set of notes - so far the formatting seems to have been preserved relatively well

3) It will run the Evernote DTD against the embedded HTML - if this fails, the file will be skipped and you will be notified of any skipped files.

It does not handle embedded media currently, as this wasn't something I needed; for such notes I'd suggest just trying to import them manually or with copy paste (not sure if that works)

Please try it out and let me know if it works for you...

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From what I was able to uncover, most of the threads on Markdown were in support of using Markdown to create the notes. I didn't find any topics on importing from Markdown-based services. If there are topics out there requesting this feature, I'm happy to add my vote to those. But as I mentioned, the ones I found were mostly about people wanting general Markdown support in creating notes.

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I'm in the same boat as karlos1234 moving from Apple Notes and will give his python program a go.

Looking at EN's .enex XML file, it's a reasonable format but import/export in markdown pulling creation and modified dates from the file itself would be more convenient.  Maybe also JSON instead of XML, and/or converting the content node from HTML to markdown.  If EN did add these features they could be for the paid users....  But for now, gonna give karlos1234's program a whirl. It would be nice to hear if EN might add such features.

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I can't find these supposed other threads I'm supposed to be voting up. Seems like all the responses to import are snarky mods or 'go elsewhere'. So posting my support here. I'm not technical enough to figure out that github thing, otherwise looks awesome. I don't think it's right for me to install unknown repos when I'm not technical enough to know if I'm causing an infosec nightmare. I really hope Evernote adds this feature, because I think it looks cool from the trial, but I'm uninstalling as I can't actually use it. It's not worth the expense of time to move over my notes - if I'm going to start from scratch again, at least OneNote is free to me (Provided months after I'd already been taking notes elsewhere 🙄). If Evernote supported import, I'd pony up my own money for work to get it.

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As things stand at the moment I would not recommend Evernote to anyone for whom markdown as a key part of how they work.

I, too, would think that offering Markdown support for both content creation and import of data wouldn't be a bad thing (although I wouldn't use it).

To be sure that you are heard you should feedback in the various applications or submit a support ticket.

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