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  1. I dont' have a PC so I can't test it - but the core tool should work, it's just Python, but you'll have to figure out how to install pandoc and then install the python dependencies in requirements.txt. If someone wants to volunteer to build a windows binary I'd welcome PRs...
  2. I tried clicking on the header multiple times without results. Finally I realized that 'header' means ' header of the web clip, not header of the note. I clicked the magic wand, the clip became editable, and then I was able to clean it up with reasonable ease. I don't remember how it used to work but at least for this clip I'm ok for now.
  3. I wrote a tool that does this, somewhat. As written, it starts with a folder of markdown files, converts those files to HTML, then turns the HTML to ENML, and creates a .enex file, which can then be imported into evernote, preserving file modification dates and formatting, etc. It doesn't currently support embedded media however. In your case, since you already have HTML, you could add a feature to this tool to start at the HTML stage; pull requests welcomed... https://github.com/karloskalcium/md2enex
  4. I think the best thing would be to just create a .enex file as you noted. You could steal some ideas and code from here, which is a tool I wrote that converts markdown files to .enex. You'd just modify this to read each line of the CSV file, and then populate title, note content, dates, tags, etc accordingly. https://github.com/karloskalcium/md2enex
  5. No - an ENEX file contains multiple notes - each note is in ENML (roughly). ENEX is defined here: https://evernote.com/blog/how-evernotes-xml-export-format-works/ The note metadata is stored in ENEX, and the note contents are in ENML, which is basically a subset of XHTML.
  6. Correct. For every markdown file in the provided directory, it combines them into a single .enex file, with file create/modified dates for each note the same as the files on disk - then you can import this file into Evernote. I linked in the post above to an exporter for OSX that preserves these date/times on the exported files. If anyone wants to help improve the tool please let me know; it doesn't support attachments now for example, and it would be nice to turn it into a docker container or even something installable by brew for example. It turns the markdown into HTML using Pandoc, and then formats this HTML in the ENML format that Evernote wants.
  7. to import apple notes and other markdown files I wrote a tool that does this, and generates a .enex file that can be imported. first you have to export all apple notes to markdown. more details here:
  8. This isn't directly related to this FR (native markdown support), but I wanted to share that I built a tool that allows you to take a directory of markdown files and turn them into .enex, to import as native notes into Evernote. Please take a look and try it out and let me know if it works for you... There are a few limitations (e.g. it doesn't handle embedded media), but otherwise it seems to work ok for my use case. Details here:
  9. Hi, I was frustrated by the lack of this capability too, so I created a tool that will help with this. https://github.com/karloskalcium/md2enex This tool takes a directory of markdown files, and converts them into a .enex file which you can then import into Evernote. I was migrating from Apple Notes, so I used https://apps.apple.com/us/app/exporter/id1099120373?mt=12 (exporter) to export them all to markdown, and then this tool to import them. A few nice features: 1) As the Exporter tool preserves note creation and modification date, that is also preserved by this tool on import 2) This has been tested on a large set of notes - so far the formatting seems to have been preserved relatively well 3) It will run the Evernote DTD against the embedded HTML - if this fails, the file will be skipped and you will be notified of any skipped files. It does not handle embedded media currently, as this wasn't something I needed; for such notes I'd suggest just trying to import them manually or with copy paste (not sure if that works) Please try it out and let me know if it works for you...
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