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On 8/12/2022 at 3:17 PM, furkan savsatli said:

Hello, I joined this site years ago.
I added some notes. Right now I have to pay to get them. This is so ridiculous. Just give me my notes and I will not use the site again.

I just wonder who told you you need to pay ?

The download of all apps is free, and retrieval of notes (even those that may be larger than the upload limit of the Free plan) is possible with the Free plan as well.

The very generous Free plan sets EN apart from other apps, where a lock in is often an overlooked „feature“ when joining. With EN, you can always downgrade to Free, and still have read access to all content (plus some limited editing).

So again: Who said you must pay ?

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This is telling you that you have already connected the maximum of two devices. You need to disconnect the devices in the Evernote settings. The limit on a Free account is two devices. The old devices you were using previously are using up your number of permitted devices.

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Go to EN settings, tab devices, and unsync devices not in use.

You can only connect 2 devices, and you can only unsync 2 devices within 30 days. If this is used up, you need to subscribe to handle more devices, or wait until the 30 days are over.

In general it is better to log out of a client first when you want to give it up. Then unsync it before trying to add new ones. It can create a vicious cycle when you try to activate a new client before you balanced your devices count.

And watching at your initial post: There is nothing ridiculous to make you pay once you exceed the limits of the Free plan. It has limits, and they are enforced to protect the Free model as it is today. It can only be sustained if subscribing has advantages over using the Free plan.

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