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Paste into Evernote via global shortcut is not working for me

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Windows Evernote 10.42.7 (3561).  I used CTRL+ALT+V ALL the time so that I could be working in another app and paste info into Evernote, and it was pretty reliable.  Now I'm on a new computer, everything is working beautifully EXCEPT I cannot paste into evernote with CTRL+ALT+V (I can paste by manually pulling up the Evernote window and pasting directly into a note).  Help please?  This has been a problem for months now no uninstalling/reinstalling, restarting has solved it.  I don't believe I have any conflicting shortcuts --though if someone can advise me how to check, I will do so).  I've never had it working on this computer (everything else, all my other apps, shortcuts, etc., work beautifully.).  Thank you in advance for help on this.

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Win 11 has some interesting features...


The Win + Shift + S keyboard shortcut will be the main way to take a screenshot in Windows 11, and it will activate the snipping menu with various options for selecting what content to screenshot. Once a screenshot has been taken, the Snipping Tool includes edit options for cropping, annotations, and more.

(per Microsoft)

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I gave up for a while. :(  It's a year later now, and Paste to Evernote is not working.  Even while Evernote is Open.  Even while I'm immediately within the active Evernote window.  Changing the shortcut has not made a difference.  I have various other apps, clipboard manager, etc. and things and those and their shortcuts all work fine. (Disabling any of those has no apparent impact on any other app, Evernote included.  Anyway, there should be no interference.)  The only way I'm able to get things into Evernote now is to open Evernote, create a new note,  and paste content there.  I've used Evernote a LOT less as a result.  And I'm sad about the whole thing.  Also, for a paid app, the lack of access to service is disturbing.

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58 minutes ago, Sayashr said:

Also, for a paid app, the lack of access to service is disturbing.

Hi.  You may be looking in the wrong places,  because there are links everywhere...  https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new

I currently have Windows 11 and no trouble pasting into notes - but you seem to want to do so without having Evernote open?  What exactly are you trying to paste where,  and by what method? 

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9 hours ago, Sayashr said:

It's a year later now, and Paste to Evernote is not working.

The paste to EN global shortcut has a long history, for me at least, of not working. It will work in one release and then not in the next and then start working again a few releases later. To be honest, I never found it that reliable in legacy.

At the moment, for me, (10.60.4) it works most of the time. It doesn't like this forum but other than that it seems to work quite well. Remember you do need to copy the data first before using the paste hot key (I think that might be different from legacy)

I don't know exactly where you are trying to copy and paste from but I would suggest the following

  • For web content the new multiselect feature in the webclipper works really well and is a useful addition to the selection feature (hidden unless you select the text first)
  • Using alt+ctrl+N (Windows) to create a new note in a new window, followed by ctrl+V to paste the content is, as workarounds go, fairly painless. You don't however get the title with the time of the capture, if that is important to you.
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