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Evernote 10.xx is preventing Legacy from working

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Is it just me? I have used Evernote 6.25 occasionally even after installing Evernote 10.xxx and they played together fine. After I reset my Windows 11 machine and reinstalled everything, when I now try to open 6.25, 10.x jumps over it and seizes position, over and over, even when I hadn't opened 10.xx. Weird or sinister? Is this only my issue?

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First Windows 11 has issues, more than usual on a release version. To me it looks a lot like a beta got released accidentally on the users. But this only as a general discourse.

What you describe is consistent with having the apps falsely connected with the program icon or a file extension. If you know how to clean it up on Windows, you can do so yourself. If not it may help to uninstall both apps, and install them fresh. Install EN v10 before you install legacy - this is the sequence EN proposes.

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Thanks - this has happened twice on a cleanly-reset Windows 11 machine, after installing Evernote 10.xx and letting it upgrade to 10.42.7, then installing Legacy Evernote_6.25.2.9198. I stepped back a couple of versions on Legacy, reasoning the latest one from their site would have made more steps toward disabling some of the old features. I guess my final remaining attachment to Legacy is the Outlook add-in that's been disabled.

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v10 really shouldn't disable Legacy except, perhaps, with a few versions older. Stick with the official Legacy and the two should co-exist.

The Outlook add-in was deprecated before v10 came on the scene although a lot of folk didn't realise until they upgraded. The new Outlook add-on requires an Office 365 accout and Exchange server as I recall.  I abandoned Outlook years ago so can't help further - sorry.

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Thanks - I fixed this by uninstalling both versions, reinstalling v10.xx (and updating to most recent version), then rebooting and installing Evernote 6.25 in a separate directory. Its default is to C:\programfiles(x86)\Evernote\Evernote Legacy. I changed this to C:\programfiles(x86)\Evernote Legacy so none of the vs10.xx files were overwritten.

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