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Note doubled again!



Really guys you should fix this! I mean doesn't each note have it's own internal id which is unique?? I have already reported this issue 2 months ago but today I see it happen again!

I have a big note with various snippets of text and links related to the current world events in certain region and today suddenly I couldn't find things which I am sure I wrote there! To my surprise on my phone the note was different then on a PC! The reason was that again somehow the one and only note doubled itself so it was twice in the same notebook with the same name! Really sneaky sabotage to make me have a hard time finding what I need, when I need it, I would say. Fortunately there was not so much text so I didn't have to spend as much time as last time comparing the contents and synchronising it manually.

Please fix the EverNote for PC and EverNote for Android synchronisation, so it is just impossible to split one note into two. That's why we have "conflicting changes" notebook in case something gets edited on one device before syncing from the other one, don't we? But seems like sometimes the conflict resolution engine just gives up and doubles the note instead. Not a good solution in my opinion!

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Each note has its unique ID. This is not the issue.

But especially with large notes the syncing can go wrong. It encounters a younger version than itself on the server, and does not know on which versions to foot to integrate the changes.

Then it creates a conflict note (basically safety copy without a change) and let’s the user decide.

There is no real conclusion how this will be solved. For now I can only tell a workaround: Split the one large complex note into several smaller ones. Add a table of content note to bind them together.

This way the size of the syncing is reduced, and conflicts are avoided.

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41 minutes ago, McVitas said:

is there some other Evernote bugtracker besides this forum? I couldn't find one. I want to know if this bug is tracked already somewhere.

I'm not aware of any publically available bug tracker. All you can do is raise a support ticket and then enquire from time to time what the status of the issue is.

When you first raised this issue in the previous thread you said that you were still using the Legacy desktop application for Windows. Is that still the case? I could conceive that you might get an issue that is not anticipated running, say, Legacy on the desktop and v10 on your mobile device. If you are still running legacy then I'm not sure you will get much/any help by lodging a ticket. If you have now moved on to v10 then a ticket may be productive for you since, as you know, these forums are user-to-user so telling us "...Really guys you should fix this!" is addressing the wrong audience since we can't fix anything.

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No, I did not follow the link - if it is legacy on the desktop, there is an additional factor. Legacy syncs first to its own database, and then in a later step to the server. If the change did not yet reach the Android v10 client, it creates this situation where different notes are conflicting.

Even when having the same title, notes can be different. The title is no identifier for a note.

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