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Lost almost all my notes!

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I created a note and now my content is lost.  (I'm using a Mac). When I logged out my notes and back in again it was showing up until until recently.  I had created this using the app on my MAC using an email and password. 

What I didn't realise when I logged in again I used the apple logo to create a new account and it signed me straight in - only then I deleted that account as it wasn't right. 

Fast forward my note is still missing and it shoes it did't ever exists.  I just created a "test note", logged out and back in again and it is showing.

I then tried to recover the previous version only for the "test" page to reappear which I'm looking for the one prior to that not realising this would show. 

Is there anything I can do? Thank you. 

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20 hours ago, Aeven said:

I just got a new iPhone and all of my notes from 2017 to 2022 are missing.  Please God help!

Ah.  iOS I see.  Please don't post twice on the same subject.  I merged your two posts here.

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Personally I doubt you lost anything.

Probably you just made a mistake when logging in. Instead of opening your account you likely created a new one. This happens with a single typo in the user name.

If on a free account make sure as well you will be able to log in at all. Log into your „other“ working device and unsync the old iPhone before logging into your (correct) account on the new one for the first time.

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Yes, the cloud is the main copy of your data. But to see it you have to have the original username and password. On very many occasions we are finding that users accidentally create a new account when they mistake which Email address they previously used to login. Of course the new account is empty.

So try the web interface and be sure you logged in with the original credentials. 

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