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Importing from Circus Pony Notebook

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I've moved to the Monterey OS and my Circus Pony Notebook will not work. I knew that would happen.

I'm considering Evernote as a new home for my notebooks. So, here is my question: Has anyone been able to import CPN into Evernote? 

If not, what formats will Evernote import. I can export the CPN's to several and would like to know if any work with Evernote.

Thank you in advance.


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Hi.  It's not only a question of export / import formats, but also how many notes you have,  and how they're currently structured.  Evernote's format is Stacks hold one or more Notebooks;  Notebooks hold one or more Notes,  and Notes can have more or less any form of attachment.  If you have a limited number of notes to transfer,  you could simply copy and paste from one to the other.  If you have more,  you can export to HTML and import those files via an 'Import Folder' - though if you export some file structures,  the different elements wind up in different folders;  you need a browser to see the original full format - so you'd use the Evernote Clipper to capture those pages.

In extreme cases you might print your notes to PDF files and use Import Folders to create the notes.

Create import folders

Evernote Web Clipper Quick Start Guide

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No idea what Circus Pont is but Evernote requires notebooks to have been saved in its standard .enex format. If you install the now unsupported but still available Legacy version of Evernote then that has an additional option to import OneNote files.  But, as @gazumped has noted, there are other options but given that I've never seen Circus Pont mentioned around here it may be that there isn't an easy answer.

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No matter what - I would sort of hurry to make the move.

There are still download links, but no official website (the only one I could find is not working any more). This Pony looks to me like a very dead pony. So no support to be expected from that side either. 

Import options were already posted above. I would expect some manual work to get it done. If you want searchable notes, subscribers starting with the Personal level will have pdf files made searchable by EN. To make handwritten notes searchable, they must be saved as picture files (jpg, png, gif).

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