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Shared notes do not work

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all of a sudden shared notes don't work anymore.

If I try to open a link, I come across an error message (from evernote.com)

"Seite nicht gefunden
Der von dir angegebene Speicherort ist nicht gültig. (/shard/s514/client/snv) "


("Page not found". Link invalid (...)")


I've tried several notes, same result.

Can anyone tell me if this error is only happening to me? These are read-only notes, which are accessed via a shared link. Just simly viewed in a bowser of choice.

A quick solution is needed, because my pupils heavily rely on my pubilc notes.

Otherwise I am forced to switch to OneNote, sorry. (I am anyway the only one who prefers Evernote, but I like the interface. OneNote is bulky IMHO).



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  • Evernote Expert

First option Ctrl+Shift+R to Force a Reload of your data

If that fails then try:

File | Sign Out | Remove my Evernote data from this device

Reboot your PC

Sign back in and allow Evernote to rebuild your data.


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