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Documentation on moving from Evernote Legacy (Windows app) to Evernote v10?

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I am yet again attempting to move from  Evernote Legacy to Evernote v10.  I wonder if there is documentation on making the transition?  I have chronic performance problems with Legacy and I am hoping that v10 is no worse.  It is my inference that if I need to stumble-through Evernote problems then I may as well do it on the current version of the software.  True?

I also wonder if there is documentation or informed commentary on how one would best make the decision to move from Legacy to v10.


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  • Dean Dei Cas changed the title to Documentation on moving from Evernote Legacy (Windows app) to Evernote v10?
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Hi.  You don't have to "move" from or to - there's a Legacy product that works on desktop devices and runs alongside the new version.  Just upgrade to the new and add back the option of going back to Legacy whenever you need to for an operation that's no longer possible in the new app.

I'm staying firmly on pre-Legacy Windows and Android apps for the time being,  but lots of folks seem perfectly happy with the new version.

This is the only general resource that I know outside of Evernote's help pages - https://www.harmonenterprises.com/evernote-v10


For "How to" questions - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us

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@gazumped —Thank you for your response.  Perhaps, instead of "move from  Evernote Legacy to Evernote v10", I should have said "start using Evernote v10 instead of Evernote Legacy".  

I will go through the HarmonEnterprises documents.  I am hoping to find, preemptively, documentation of the Legacy -> v10 Differences that I stumble over and then need to stumble through like:

) Where is the sync button?  [It has gone away and syncing occurs in the background]

) Where has the "All Notes" entry in the left part of the Window (an its total note count0 gone?  [<unknown>]

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9 hours ago, Dean Dei Cas said:

Where has the "All Notes" entry in the left part of the Window (an its total note count0 gone? 

Now called "Notes". If you don't see the number of notes displayed next to it you need to use the menu and go to View -> show notecounts in the sidebar.

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Basically there is only one relevant question before starting to use v10: Do you have any local notebooks, not synced with the server ?

If not, you just install v10 on your computer, log in and you are good to go. It will run an initial sync - better wait until this has happened before staring to use the v10 client.

You can use the legacy client side by side with v10 - just do not work on the same note on several clients at the same time.

About using the new clients, there is extensive coverage (from 1-minute tutorials to longer videos) on the Evernote YT page. Make sure you open the official channel - there is a lot of ***** out there, treating the old clients.

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