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How do I save PDF from a note to local storage?

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It's ridiculous this functionality is not in the app. I can 'send to...' another app but not save to /downloads! 

The screenshot feature of Android records a black screen. WTF is with that?!

All in all, an abomination of an app. Legacy was so much better. Maybe replace the current team with the original one? WTF are we paying for?!

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You can save PDF to the local storage.
Open a note and go in the note editing mode (1x or 2x tap on the text, depends on the settings). When you see a checkmark in the upper left corner, this means you are in the note editing mode. Then tap on the pdf file and click on the download symbol.


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Has nothing to do with being „weird“.

A note consist of text, embedded into an usually invisible HTML code.

All attachments (not only PDFs) are embedded into this text-code landscape by containers. The container holds the additional content. If you want to do something with the content inside of a container, you need to select the container first.

The overlap with edit mode has more to do with longstanding complains in the forum to better protect notes on mobile against accidental changes. So usually the container is closed for changes - only edit mode unlocks it.

If they could have found a better UI for it ? Maybe yes, but probably only with yet more taps and clicks - unless by removing the edit protection.

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1) If you know what to do it is simple & logical how it works in v10.

  1. Tap on edit
  2. Tap on the attachment
  3. Tap on the down arrow

Step 1 was added because users requested for years an additional protection for the mobile clients against accidental changes. If EN would have avoided implementing it, the downloading would be 1 step shorter - and the forum full of claims „They hate us, they ignore us, mimimi“.

2) The legacy apps are discontinued for a reason: Maybe having native code made users happy - but it was impossible to maintain. When I remember „the good old days“, they were not so good after all: The forum was full of users complaining about no updates and even no bug fixes. It would have been plain impossible to survive as a Multiplattform app with 4 major OSes, each on a yearly release cycle, plus 3 browser engines doing the same. Now the main load to adapt to the OS changes lies on the frameworks, and EN devs can focus on the app.

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