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Email to Evernote not working



I sent an email to Evernote on October 1st and that is sitting as I would expect in my @Inbox folder. I tried to send something today and it has not been received after over 90 minutes when it is usually almost instant. I have checked the email address and it is correct.

I have not received any message indicating an error or bounce-back from the Evernote servers

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There are occasional glitches in mail processing. On one occasion a fault was identified relating to my Email domain and support fixed it.

If things haven't resolved today then a ticket would be the best way to go.

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I just tried it and it was very quick. I've issues once or twice in the past, but as someone pointed out, there are a lot of moving part in email. One thing I always check is the address I sent it to. I get lazy with autocomplete sometimes. My cousin Everett probably didn't need my shopping list.

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