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  1. It looks like a temporary glitch. I tried again this morning and it worked. So the issue was there for at least two days (I don't save emails that often) but is now cleared.
  2. Just tried again and waited half an hour, nothing in my @Inbox. I have submitted a support ticket.
  3. I sent an email to Evernote on October 1st and that is sitting as I would expect in my @Inbox folder. I tried to send something today and it has not been received after over 90 minutes when it is usually almost instant. I have checked the email address and it is correct. I have not received any message indicating an error or bounce-back from the Evernote servers
  4. Not really, a bidirectional link is a link between two things that can be traversed in either direction, if I am at A and follow a link to B I should always be able to follow a link to A. Not just go back to A, as in going back a page in a browser, but if I create the line from A to B then later I get to B in some other way, the link from B to A should be created automatically. Tags on the other hand are a way of noting that things are related in some way that is meaningful to you. It's quite possible the A and B in my example might not have any tags in common, and if they did they would just be members of a possibly very large set.
  5. Adding my support and thoughts to the general concept: Links to anchor points within notes: Useful, but not essential to me Back-linking. Yes, every forward link should create a backward link. Ideally to the location the link was originally created (hmm, so anchor point links would be useful to me. Who knew?) Wiki-style [[]] (Wikipedia uses {{}}) to create a link. Ideally this should do something like the following: When you type the [[ make available a list of existing note titles to select from As you type text after the [[, the list narrows to just those note titles that contain the string If you close the ]] without matching a note, it's still a link and a blank note gets created automatically Links that point to blank notes should be distinguished in some way You should be able to use alternative text for a link. Wikipedia uses | to separate the link from the displayed text: {{Link | This is the displayed text for the link}} I like the Roam Research feature of consolidating links at the bottom of a note, distinguishing between those that point somewhere and those that are still blank. I plan to experiment with Roam in a couple of weeks when I have some free time. This is certainly one of the areas I will be looking at.
  6. I think I had actually seen the same issue with cutting lines laterally in earlier versions, so a bit surprised it's still an issue. I don't remember the checkbox disappearing before, though
  7. I just printed a note from 10.5.7 and noticed two issues: The note is more than one page long and the bottom line n the first page is actually split laterally, so the top part (about three-quarters) of the text appeared on the first page with the bottom quarter appearing at the top of the second page. See attached Clipboard02 and Clipboard03 The first check-box wasn't printed. See attached Clipboard01. "Shopping list" is the title (no check-box). In the note, Bread has no check-box, but Seeded does
  8. Nope, not tried. It took me long enough to get from Chrome to FF, would prefer not to have to go back
  9. I'm using FF 68.0.2 (64-bit) on Windows 10, and finding that about half the time I try to clip a page (I usually use Simplified Article), I have to close the page and reopen it for the clipper to work. If I don't, it just sits on the screen not responding to anything other than the Close button. Any clues?
  10. There have been a number of posts on installation problems, most seem to be in Bootstrapper.cpp, that's why I said "common", though I take your point about it being a small proportion. A small proportion of a huge number is not trivial, though 😉. Which is why I reported, better for the company to know than not. I'll do what I usually do and wait for the next version.
  11. Runs through up to the point of stopping with the error: (.\Bootstrapper.cpp.984) 0x643:Fatal error during installation. Not the first time I have had an install error on upgrading. I usually wait until the next version and try again. Seems to be quite a common problem, though, looking through this forum.
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