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Creating living journal note using a second instance of Scratch Pad: how can I do this?

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I love Scratch Pad (except for some limitations like too little capacity). 

I created a second instance of Scratch Pad widget that I call my "Daily Note." 

I want to keep a flowing journal using my scratch pad "Daily Note". At the end of each day, I would save it as a point in time in my Journal folder.

I want the note to persist in scratch pad so I don't have to copy/paste it back in. In other words, my daily note becomes immortal but I save a snapshot each day.

Oh, and @EverNote, if I have a second  instance  of the Scratch Pad widget open and entitled "Daily Note" , PLEASE save it to a note entitled "Daily Note" and not "scratch pad.", 

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It might a risk to keep un-saved data throughout the day   

Personally, my journalling consists of a daily note (journal/dashboard/planner) prepared each morning   
plus individual notes entered throughout the day

I'm comfortable with individual notes; the title is prefixed with the date (yyyy-dd-mm)   
Or I can merge the notes at the end of the day

As individual notes, I can assign appropriate tags etc.

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@DTLowI've tried every which way including starting a new note each day and I just can't make it a habit. Personal productivity is like clothing--no one size, no one color fits everyone.

So that's why I just kept that scratch pad open throughout the day, adding and removing items, reminders, todos, etc. That's been very useful for my needs except I don't memorialize the note each day.

I've tried dozens of task managers, journaling apps but I always come back to EN. I tried several EN templates but never got to what I want.

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Looking at reports in the forum, I would avoid one of these „ever growing“ monster notes.

Severe syncing problems with duplication and loss of data seem to happen often with large, text based and frequently updated notes.

Why not start a new daily on the scratchpad every day, and at the end of the day saving it to a journal notebook ?

This keeps the journal neat and short.

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If you're using an iphone / Mac, i can recommend Drafts app for this. There are plenty of 'copy to a specific evernote note' actions in drafts. I have one for my weight and one for my runs which gets copied in every day. 

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@patnpm Thanks.  That's actually what I have been doing as I am also a Drafts user. 

I did have some trouble getting the Drafts action to work flawlessly on iPad, iPhone and MacOS. I was trying to simplify things by doing it directly in EN.   Having the new multiple scratch pad functionality in EN seemed like a good replacement.

I follow the Drafts Forum and someday I will understand the depth of the program.


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