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How to manage tasks with description (task related information) in Evernote

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Friends, hello all!

I want to task management with Evernote for myself. But there is the question, how I can add or keep task descriptions?

Because tasks are not always simple with several words in a single line. Sometimes, need to write some description about the task or keep some details.

In that case, how I  should do? Can someone advice me please, where/how I can keep task description, or task related information? Maybe I'm here misunderstand of tasks tool for Evernote.


Also if I had tasks for different projects. How I can serapate my projects and manage tasks?

For example: PROJECT ONE - I want to redesign my site. And there are various tasks in that case. For example:

  • Redesign Logo (here is some task related information)
  • Redesign Sales page (also I need keep task related info, that may be 300 words, and task can't be one single line element, as in screenshot)
  • Redesign Contact Form (+info).

And all those tasks related to a single big task - Redesign the whole site. 

And here is my PROJECT TWO - Rewrite the content of the Sales Pages. Tasks:

  • Rewrite Sales Pages content (task related info, that may be 500 words)
  • Rewrite content about the company (task info)
  • Rewrite content about guide, how to do X (task info)

Please, can someone share advice or tips for my case, how I can manage my projects and tasks in my case? 

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I keep descriptions in the note.

I've got a "Projects and Tasks" notebook. I have one note in there per project. All (or certainly most) of the tasks for a project are on one note, and I make comments in that note.


I've also got a Project Reference notebook. I use a tag like "..Redesign my site" and tag everything for that project.

Then I can filter on the tag and see everything for the project.



Works for me - but I just use it for personal projects, not when I'm working for my employer. (They don't let me use Evernote...)

What I would like to do is have a tag on each task, so I could see all tasks across all projects in certain situations, e.g. "@Shops", "@Phone" etc. I can use a flag for some of that, but I would prefer more options!



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On 8/25/2021 at 3:10 PM, zhandosweb said:

Can someone advice me please, where/how I can keep task description, or task related information?

My process is a separate note for each task   
I'm able to keep such information in the note contents  
Also allows the assignment of tags; like project id

Another note for project information; also tagged with project id

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I dont like not having task details, attachments, sub tasks either... It is one of the reasons I can't fully use Evernote. :(

Each task when double clicked should be as a note itself where you could add a description, attachments, subtasks etc.  Also the same task should be able to be listed in several places in case you want to view it from a different note.

Sadly a deal breaker for me. Don't think I'll renew.

Hope the new team taking over prioritizes some of these requests.



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On 8/18/2023 at 6:57 PM, Guru Gerry said:

I dont like not having task details, attachments, sub tasks either..

All of that is already available.  Create a note to add tags, attachments and full details.  Add one or more tasks to your note.  If you're managing a large project,  create a Table of Contents parent note and add child notes and tasks as necessary.

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7 hours ago, gazumped said:

All of that is already available.

+1. Yep - the reason Evernote Tasks works so well for me is that I can have a task in a note with tables, attachments, pdfs, bullets, checklists (sub tasks)... tons of extra info right there along with the task.

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I have a few recurring tasks that require me to access web pages.  I have copied the relative URLs and pasted them in the description so when the relative task becomes due, it is a simple matter to click straight to the webpage I need.    Any task I need to store attachment in, or any further detail commence life as a Note any Task or Tasks relative created within the Note.  For simple Tasks, I just let EN store them in the Default Note (My Tasks).  Irrespective of where they are stored they appear in the Tasks Widget in whichever form of display I choose between Due Date, My Tasks, Notes or Assigned.

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