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  1. Friends, hello all! I want to task management with Evernote for myself. But there is the question, how I can add or keep task descriptions? Because tasks are not always simple with several words in a single line. Sometimes, need to write some description about the task or keep some details. In that case, how I should do? Can someone advice me please, where/how I can keep task description, or task related information? Maybe I'm here misunderstand of tasks tool for Evernote. Also if I had tasks for different projects. How I can serapate my projects and manage tasks? For example: PROJECT ONE - I want to redesign my site. And there are various tasks in that case. For example: Redesign Logo (here is some task related information) Redesign Sales page (also I need keep task related info, that may be 300 words, and task can't be one single line element, as in screenshot) Redesign Contact Form (+info). And all those tasks related to a single big task - Redesign the whole site. And here is my PROJECT TWO - Rewrite the content of the Sales Pages. Tasks: Rewrite Sales Pages content (task related info, that may be 500 words) Rewrite content about the company (task info) Rewrite content about guide, how to do X (task info) Please, can someone share advice or tips for my case, how I can manage my projects and tasks in my case?
  2. Hello! Please, develop the sections into the notebooks. Here is sections example from Asana: https://asana.com/guide/help/projects/sections Here is sections example from Todoist: https://todoist.com/help/articles/introduction-to-sections If we can create different sections into notebook's to organizing notes, it will be killer feature against Notion or OneNote.
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