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Pasting in "Add tag" input box

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When I paste a text in the "Add tag" input box in a note, a tag name that is exactly the same as the pasted text is immediately created so that I cannot edit the text pasted in the "Add tag" input box.

Suppose I use @+"client name" in my tagging system.  With the Evernote Legacy version, when I receive an order by email from a new client named "ABC Corp", for example, I used to create a new note related to the order, and in the "Add tag" input box, type @, then paste right after @ "ABC Corp" copied from the email, and then type an underscore over the space between "ABC" and "Corp", and then press enter to add a new tag "@ABC_Corp" to the new note.  With the new Evernote, if I try to do the same thing, immediately after I paste "ABC Corp", it replaces "@" which is already in the input box and a new tag "ABC Corp" is created and added to the note without my confirmation.  This (no chance to edit a text pasted in the "Add tag" input box) reduces my work efficiency badly.

I would like Evernote development team to fix this problem in the new Evernote, but If anyone let me know any workaround, I appreciate it.

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14 minutes ago, mkoi said:

but If anyone let me know any workaround, I appreciate it.

EN seems to expect anything pasted into the add tag area to be a fully formed tag and not an addition to what is already there. This may be related to the fact that you can paste a list of comma separated tags directly into this field and EN parses them into separate tags.

The work around is to use the edit tags menu (alt-ctrl-T). It's not a great name because you can add tags as well. If you paste into the search box it adds to whatever is there and then allows you to add further characters before creating the new tag.

Here I typed "@", then pasted "everything" and finally typed "_"


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Hi, gazumped.  Thanks for your quick response.  I may consider contacting support.  However, "@" and "_" is just for example, and are rather irrelevant to my pasting problem.  For another example, I cannot just paste "ABC Corp" and erase the space in the input box to get a tag "ABCCorp".  I know a tag can be edited afterwards,  but I found it to be rather inefficient.

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Hi, Mike P.  Thanks for your response.


The work around is to use the edit tags menu (alt-ctrl-T). It's not a great name because you can add tags as well.

This is the kind of solution I was looking for.  I quickly tried it, and it worked!  Thank you.

I am new to the forum.  May I close the topic at this point and how?

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Just for a record (because the topic is closed), I'd like to mention that I found the workaround method only works with my premium account but not with my business account.  I am not sure if this is a bug or the business accounts are just made so for any reason.

I wonder if I can continue this topic or should start a new one.

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Hi, PinkElephant.

Thank you for your advice.  Yes, I am  the admin.  But the workaround does not seem to work for me in  the business account.  I can create a new tag though by the normal method, typing in the "Add tag" input box.  I will try a bit more.

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Hi.  I contacted the support.

The answer was "You can "create a new tag" from the "edit Tag" menu in a personal account. However, you can't do that in a Business account... At this time, there are still some small difference with the way tags works between personal accounts and Business we continue working with our development teams to update/fix."

I am satisfied with the answer.  It is good to know that the Evernote people are working on the problems.

Thank you everyone in this thread for helping and advising me.

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