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Best smartphone to run the new EN app?



Hi all,

Like many of us here, I have been struggling with the EN app since the overhaul. Prior to that, the app worked like a charm on my—admittedly obsolete—iPhone SE (the old model).

Unfortunately this old dog can't handle the new app. It's slow, glitchy, and ultimately useless. I tried to run the app on a more recent mobile, an iPhone 6S, to no avail: still a lot of issues. It seems like a faster/better phone is required to run this new version of the app.

Any suggestions brand and model-wise? I am looking for a phone that allows for a seamless experience with the app (I am a very heavy user). 

Thanks in advance for the help.


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Runs fine on my 11Pro Max. To get some work done, I really enjoy the additional screen real estate - if you are willing to handle a larger device, I would go for it.

To download the notebooks for offline use, some flash memory is fine. Don't go for the smallest memory setup if you can afford it. It will use appr. the same amount of memory as on your desktop.

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12 hours ago, buckethead said:

Runs smooth on my 12 Pro. It would run great on the 12 also. Honestly not sure what the minimum iPhone would be to run it smooth though. Some others can chime in with what they use. 

Thanks for the feedback! And, yes, I'd be interested in knowing from other users about their gear.

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One thing to think about is ease of editing. Here a larger screen can make a big difference if you are having trouble touching the "magic spot" that will correct the typo or whatever, without causing un-wanted side effects. For example, if you are trying to paste at a certain exact spot it can be difficult positioning the cursor where it needs to be.

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