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New iOS button Is 🔥

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Pretty slick feature (if you are a subscriber 😉, you really get a choice).

One little thing: When picking the items and their sequence, it counts from bottom to top, if you choose a vertical setup. If you want the most used feature on top of all others, you need to pick it last. Requires some planning to get the sequence right.

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7 minutes ago, MissArdbeg said:

I don’t have it. 

Did you update to most recent app through the app store? EN is rolling updates out so you might not have it yet. I am not sure about Android, but it appeared in my iOS app after I updated the other day.

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I am on the same version as in the screenshot above. 


But good to hear that there might be something to look forward to (as if a first version of the tasks feature wouldn’t have been exciting enough)! 🥳

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It is the same version and the same build number as my iOS install, so it should be there.

First I would close the app, switch the iOS device off and on again and open EN. This may already help, it does so withered share menu entry, for example.

In case This does not help, do a full reinstall:  Uninstall, switch the iOS device off, on again, reinstall, log in. This should solve a problem with any part of the app that has not correctly updated. 

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Really strange. I did all the steps and nothing changed. Now I am really curious who has the version that is intended 😉 I couldn’t find a hint in the release notes, but I doubt that EN would remove a well-received feature from parts of the user base. 

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I am on the German release as well, and this is how it looks:

Maybe an installation issue. If you would not loose a lot of content (like offline notebooks), maybe completely uninstall the app, dump all data, switch the iPhone completely off, wait, on again, reinstall and login.


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