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  1. Thanks for the response. Everything is turned on in settings as it should be. I understand how restrictive iOS can be, but other task managers handle this without me having to open the app... Todoist for example, I can enter a task on my PC and I'll get a notification on my phone. Is this something Evernote could do better or is it just a failing of the way Evernote tasks is set up?
  2. Hi, I'm having an issue where when I create a task with a reminder on my Windows laptop (i.e, bring plants in on Sunday at 8am) I'm not receiving the task reminder notification on my iPhone and so I miss certain tasks. It looks to me like it's a sync issue. If I open the app before that task is due, it might remind me. But I don't always open the app... I presumed it'd sync in the background without me having to open it? I'm hoping someone can help. I'd like to use tasks more and more but if I can't rely on them reminding me to do things as they're supposed to I'll have to go back to something a little more robust. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I use Evernote as my digital desk and the task feature almost has me jumping all in w/ Evernote and ditching my old task manager. I know that it's been mentioned that recurring tasks are on the horizon, but do we have time frames for that? It's coming up to renewal time for my task manager! Also, do you think it's likely that EN will add a global 'add task' shortcut similar to how some task managers do it (thinking of Todoist specifically) Thanks,
  4. Yep I've spotted this, too. Will raise a ticket regarding it and let the team know. I have had a meeting cancelled and then rescheduled for today so it's now showing two meetings in the calendar widget.
  5. Hi, Been lurking here for a while! Looks like I'm one of the few that's loving Evernote's direction at the moment. Anyway, to my question. I'm wondering if it's possible to search notes by their age? I like cleaning Evernote out every six months or so and I generally clean out older notes that i haven't touched or I'm unlikely to touch again. Is it possible to search by notes created over 6 months ago, for example? Any help would be appreciated!
  6. @Scott T.Ah, I see now. I couldn't access tasks on my mobile app for a short time but they've reappeared. Thanks for your assistance!
  7. I was a premium subscriber which was set to last until Dec 2021 and my account has been downgraded to personal. So I can't get on tasks or live chat with anyone to resolve. Can't quite believe I have to pay again?
  8. I completely missed this. How do you reorganise these in IOS?
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