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It is true that the mobile applications - Android and iOS - do things differently. Often because the OS imposes different approaches. I believe that EN on Android and iOS are broadly similar. In Android, in Edit mode:

Tap the menu button in the to right corner 

Select Find 

Once found the option to Replace or Replace All appears.









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1 hour ago, fragefrank said:

It's such a useful and standard feature to have in any text-based application. 

Which is probably why it is already there. ctrl-F (while in edit mode). You can only replace within the current note so if you wanted some sort of global option that would for example edit the text of all titles, this is not it.




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True, it's there at a within-note level.

But I'm suggesting it at a global and tag level for a purpose: maintaining organisation in notes and tags. Its tedious to impossible to change parts of hundredths of note titles or tags by hand.




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I’m assuming the statement ‘Which is probably why it is already there. ctrl-F (while in edit mode).’ applies to the Windows app only? Because it relates to a key stroke native to that OS - and demonstrably doesn’t work on the iOS app.

So is the search and replace function - as noted above a basic staple function for any text-based application -  cunningly hidden in the iOS app, please? If so so, why hide it, absent it from the obvious menus or keystrokes?

Surely, such a basic function cant’t have been deliberately omitted from iOS only? If, inexplicably, that is the case, PLEASE prioritise harmonising all functionality across all flavours of your otherwise excellent product. I use the Windows app on occasion, but it’s not available to me currently - and it’s INTENSELY frustrating to find an app one relies on unexpectedly and randomly hobbled on changing platform.

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@agsteele Just to confirm your assumption: The iOS client works exactly the same.

Open the note, open the note menu 3 dots top right, select „search in note“. Once anything is entered into the search field (top of screen), several things happen: It highlights the findings in the note, it shows arrows to jump between highlights and it shows a „Replace“ text. Once tapped, a field opens to enter the new text.

As a hint: There is a known problem when the notes contains a table. It will not precisely jump,to the highlighted text in tables, and the screen may not scroll. This is reported to EN, acknowledged, devs are working on a fix, no release date known.

Happy new year to everybody !

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