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Is there a way to quickly see the Reminder date/time stamp on a note? I usually click on the 3 horizontal dots, and then choose Reminder, and then Change Date, which obviously seems way to cumbersome, so hoping there is a better way. Ideally, to always see the reminder date/time in the notes menu bar, for example


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On 4/15/2021 at 8:41 PM, shekala said:

Is there a way to quickly see the Reminder date/time stamp on a note?

Very easy in V10. Go to the reminders tab. In one of the table views you get this:


The reminder dates also stand out in snipet view.

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10 hours ago, shekala said:

Thanks. Guess I might need to finally bite the bullet and upgrade. Have just been concerned about all the complaints about the lack of certain features in v10, so haven't made the move yet. 

Just try it on the web for a bit. The desktop and web versions are now very similar. You can also run both  the legacy and V10 desktops - just be careful about syncing.

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