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21 hours ago, Test3344 said:

When I activate the Evernote button on the iCloud page (iOS). What happens? How does Evernote use iCloud?

@Shane D. Is there anyone on the team that could elaborate on this? I just recently discovered it as well and have no clue what it does. I tried messing with it and decided to ignore it for now because it doesn't seem to have any pertinent use at the moment.

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EN does not store anything on the iCloud. They run their own server infrastructure.

I think (without knowing) that the switch controls whether the apps data are included in the devices iCloud backup. This would load the app, settings and data as they are on the device into iCloud. 

When a new device is started with the option „from iCloud“, EN would be among the apps restored from iCloud.

It is noticeable that there are not all apps in that list. The Signal Messenger for example (known for privacy) has no iCloud switch.

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Hi EN friends. I have a iPhone X 64 GB. 16 GB is used by my EN offline notebooks. Even though EN is not selected in my iCloud backup, I strongly suspect my EN offline notebooks are being backed up to the iCloud. In the "iCloud Storage" list (Backups, WhatsApp, Health...), Backups is huge. I suspect that is where the EN backup is included. EN is not in the list of apps backed up showing the specific backup size: like WhatsApp is, for example. To test my suspicion, I selected EN to backup to iCloud and did a "Back Up Now": the "iCloud Storage" list doesn't change. Then when I deselect EN and did another "Back Up Now", the "iCloud Storage" list still doesn't change. Any thoughts or guidance? Thanks... fyi, as my iCloud backups stopped as my storage limit was maxed out, I temporarily bought more iCloud storage to ensure my other (non EN) data is backed up.

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iCloud backup is controlled in the iPhone settings, your account (right on top of everything in settings), iCloud. You can define per app whether to include it into the backup or not.

If I understand iCloud correctly, the size will not change immediately by toggling the switches. Since it keeps versions of the data, it will only delete „old“ data after (I think) 30 days. In case you want more details, check it with Apple support.

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