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Can't use phone app at all. WTF is this?

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Since a few minutes now, when I open the app I get this popup, and if I press Later it takes me out of the app.  So my only choice is to either update Chrome, or not use the app.

Chrome is diabled on my phone. So can someone please explain why the F do I need to have Chrome enabled and updated exactly to run this app?

This might be the final straw for me to move to another app.


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What about the Android system webview, do you also have that disabled or not updating to the latest version?

The mobile Evernote apps appear to render the UI in javascript, and presumably they require the Android system webview in order to do that.

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I updated android system webview, and now I am left with just this *****.

 Is anyone else getting this? I'm not updating or enabling Chrome, so I guess that's the end of Evernote for me.

I'm delighted to know I'm paying money for an app just to have it force Google down my throat for no reasons whatsoever.



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7 minutes ago, matej1990 said:

I think you will be fine if you update Chrome and then you disable it again. I bet this notification is connected with some recent Webview issues, that affected a lot of apps on Android.

No, doesn't work. I enabled it, then updated. Evernote worked. Then I unistalled Chrome and the same problem happend. Basically, you have to have Chrome working on your phone for Evernote to work.

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1 hour ago, matej1990 said:

No, do not uninstall Chrome. The point is, that Chrome has to be updated to the latest version. Just update Chrome and then disable it.

Yeah, it works this way. It's very stupid that I have to install a different app for this one to work.

Nevertheless, thank you for the help.

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The Chrome and Webview stuff is an Android requirement - nothing to do with Evernote. With Android you have to have Chrome and Webview installed even if you choose not to use them. If you prevent them updating then you will, from time to time, get this error and not just with Evernote. It is likely to affect other applications.

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