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How can I transfer all of my Outlook notes to Evernote?

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Can someone please help me out. I want to transfer all of my Microsoft Outlook notes to Evernote. This seems pretty simple, but I can't figure it out.

I'm running Windows 10 and have a Microsoft 365 account with access to the web versions of Microsoft Office, as well as the mobile versions, and the 2016 desktop versions.

I also have the latest version of Evernote installed as a Microsoft Store (for Windows 10) app and I have the Evernote Legacy desktop program installed too.

I mostly prefer to use the desktop version of Outlook. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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gazumped, thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, none of the suggestions in the links you provided seem to work at this point in time.

I have discovered that the Evernote Legacy desktop program will import Microsoft OneNote items, so if I can get my Outlook notes to OneNote, then I should be able to import them from there to Evernote. However, moving Outlook notes to OneNote doesn't seem to be that easy either. If anyone has any insight on doing this I'd appreciate it.

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6 minutes ago, C.Rhoads said:

moving Outlook notes to OneNote doesn't seem to be that easy either

There seem to be various options if you search... https://www.slipstick.com/outlook/transfer-outlook-notes-onenote/ - depending on how much both apps have changed since the tips were posted!  Good luck - when you finally do this,  please come back and tell us how it went... 🙂

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Beartooth, I have notes everywhere and I'm trying to get them in one place so that I can sort through them all and get them organized. Currently, I have more of my notes stored in Evernote than Outlook. I've had OneNote forever, but haven't really used it. However, I've not ruled it out going forward. I think it's getting better. I like the left-hand column layouts of Notebooks > Sections > Pages > Sub-pages better in the Windows 10 version of OneNote than the layouts used in OneNote 2016, where Sections are tabs across the top and Pages run down the right side of the screen. Hopefully, future versions of (the more powerful) desktop OneNote will incorporate the (better) Windows 10 app layouts.

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gazumped, I checked-out the link you suggested at https://www.slipstick.com/outlook/transfer-outlook-notes-onenote/  and found that I was able to move all of my Microsoft Outlook Notes to OneNote using the provided VBA (Visual Basic Editor) macro solution. Thanks!

(This wasn't a flawless process, however. In the transfer of nearly 600 notes, about 10 of them never made it into OneNote. Not so much the fault of the macro as every note was emailed out, but rather, issues on the receiving end at OneNote.com -- For the missing me@OneNote.com emails, I was able to right-click each (unreceived) sent-email within Outlook 2016 desktop and click 'OneNote' to send each note email again, manually.)

After this, I was able to import all these notes from OneNote into Evernote using Evernote Legacy v6.25 desktop software via: File > Import > Microsoft OneNote. Wow, that was crazy! It's hard to understand why there isn't a built-in mechanism in which to transfer Outlook Notes to OneNote. (Or Outlook Notes directly into Evernote. One click, done.)

By-the-way, one of the benefits of using the VBA macro was that each note's created and modified dates were retained at the bottom of each note.

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On 3/30/2021 at 4:29 PM, Beartooth said:

With all the negative talk of V10, why would you choose to go to EN?

I also use OneNote.  What is changing your mind to switch?

I found Onenote came nowhere near the ability and versatility of EN

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