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  1. I use ScanPro all the time. I like it because , if I choose to, I can encrypt the document before I send it to the cloud. My procedure is to send my documents to a Dropbox folder which happens to be an import folder for Evernote. When I invoke Evernote at the PC it automatically brings all my files in and then I tag them accordingly. A side benifit is that all my notes are also remaining in the Dropbox folder. I never delete them and any important stuff is encrypted. Works real good. I hope EN10 will allow import folders.
  2. I am preparing for not using V10. I am using the legacy version of EN now and realize I will not be allowed to use local notebooks in the future. My problem has always been “How can I view my local docs when I am not in front of my computer?” I am an iPhone freak and insist that I must be able to access all my data on that device. Period! After years of trying different approaches, I have come to this procedure. I use Cryptomator. I can view my docs with complete ease and security. On the iPhone I click the app and face recognition allows me in. At home it is just a virtual drive Y:/Eve
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