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Copying Outlook notes to Evernote


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Hi everyone!


I am new to evernote and the first thing I need to do is copy all the notes I have in Outlook to evernote.


From Google I have learned that when installing the evernote app in the PC, it is also installed a complement in Outlook that helps with this work. I have installed it and I am already able to select a note in Outlook, select then the evernote complement icon in the toolbar and the note is copied to evernote (great!).


The problem is when I select more than one note. Then, the icon is greyed out and cannot be invoked. So apparently, I have to do it note by note. And there are a few hundreds!!!


Do you know of any way to do it once for all?



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Here's an idea (I have not done this):

Export your OL Notes to files (one note/file), and then import those files into EN, using the EN Import Folders feature.

You might be able to write a OL VBA macro to do this so that you could include the OL Note Title and Date in the file.

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I confirm what Neper says. I select more than one OL Note and the "Save to Evernote" button is disabled.


This is very disappointing. Prior versions of EN would allow multiple OL Notes to be simultaneously saved to EN.


EN Developers - Please bring this functionality back to EN!

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Yup - the same one-note-per-click process applies to emails and a lot of us don't think that's very helpful either.  We were told the situation was being reviewed,  but no sign yet of further changes.


It is possible to export Outlook notes to a CSV file,  which will open in a spreadsheet.  And it is possible to use that sort of spreadsheet file to create a 'mail (or email) merge' to create successive documents from the contents.  You can save these documents to files,  and use JMichael's Import Folder suggestion,  or if you're a plus or premium user you could send the emails to your Evernote account address to create new notes.


In all cases,  keep backups,  proceed cautiously,  and do test outputs before you commit to a full conversion - and in any case do that in small batches,  checking frequently that it worked!


If you're comfortable with VBA you may find writing a macro quicker - or you could use a keystroke recorder like AHK to import a number of notes at a time by just playing back a recorded series of movements - but mail/ email merges are well documented by Microsoft,  and the process works;  your choice!

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