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(Archived) How can I get Outlook Notes into Evernote?

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I'm hoping that someone can offer me some tips as to how I can somehow get my Outlook 2003 notes into Evernote 3

In a perfect world, I'd like the imported/transferred Outlook notes to maintain their original date stamp (if possible) once they're in Evernote so that I can go back in time and find notes by approximate/exact date (Find my transferred outlook notes originally created on a specific date last year for example)

Anyone have any ideas?


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We have an feature for importing OneNote 2007 notes into Evernote for Windows on the same computer. We can't directly interact with Outlook 2003, but if you installed the trial version of OneNote 2007, you may be able to pull your notes in there and then import them into Evernote.

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I had started working on this for a friend, but he didn't need it. I would need to test it a bit, but if you are interested, install ActiveState Perl from Activestate.com and let me know. I'll check the script and post it.

In a nutshell, you must export your notes from Outlook as a spreadsheet. My script then writes each note to a separate html file, which can easily be imported into EN.

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