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no more tagging?


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I tag, a fair amount. Have done it for years. However, I find keeping up with tagging tedious. Way back when, Michael Hyatt recommended tagging new notes each evening. I try, but I always fall behind, then feel pressured to catch up.

I tag for two reasons: to help me find specific note(s) and to be able to set up specific views via searches (e.g. just work-related notes, which are tagged @work). 

I find the task of tagging so tedious that I wonder if I should give it up. Are there any formerly regular taggers who have mostly or totally stopped tagging and are still good with how they use Evernote? Is the search function robust enough at this point that most tagging is unnecessary? (Especially if the tag is a word that appears in the same document.)

FYI - if I stopped tagging, I wouldn't replace that with an increased # of notebooks. That would just replace one tedium with another. And I wouldn't stop tagging entirely - would only do it when I have time. (For instance, I may tag items I'm saving with the Web Clipper, at the same time I am adding a comment.)  I'm also cognizant that most people don't tag at all.

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Hi.  Why tag at all?  Do you have problems finding the notes you need?  If you can use Evernote happily without tagging,  then just stop.  You need to be a little familiar with the search language,  but it will find any word or phrase in the title or body of your notes.  If that's enough - then stop.  If you have trouble finding all the receipts or clips that you look for,  then use a tag to find them quickly.  It's not meant to be a challenge... 

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2 hours ago, cyberry said:

I find keeping up with tagging tedious.

My process is that all new notes go to my default notebook (Inbox)
I use a script to move the notes to my Filing notebook   
At the same time, the script also assists with tag assignment

>>if I stopped tagging, I wouldn't replace that with an increased # of notebooks. That would just replace one tedium with another.

That's smart; tag or notebook it's basically the same thing

>>search function  ...  Especially if the tag is a word that appears in the same document

That works, but I would want to identify the word as a tag     
I prefix the word with a character, for example - this is a xTag   
and I search for xTag
(A tip I learned from @gazumped)

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8 hours ago, cyberry said:

I find the task of tagging so tedious that I wonder if I should give it up.

I'm also a compulsive tagger with one notebook where everything goes unless it is in a shared notebook. I think I could probably get rid of a lot of my tags and replace them with about 8 high level notebooks (equivalent to my current top level tags) and rely on search. I did seriously consider this in the early days of V10  when it looked like the support for tags might be significantly reduced. Where I would really miss tagging is 

  • Words or letters that have a special meaning to me but are widely used. e.g. R (the statistical programming language). A search for "R" is not going to be terribly helpful! (EN search does not respect the spaces in a search for " R ")
  • My meta data tags: critical, current, pinned, toRead etc
  • I may have some notes for a topic in my personal notebook and others in a shared notebook. Tags are an easy way to pull all that information together
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1 hour ago, dmstauber said:

I use limited tagging and multiple, well-organized notebook stacks

A tag by any other name, ...  
Note records have two metadata fields: Tags and Notebooks

Notebooks and Tags can be interchangeable, but my concerns with the Notebook field is
- the metadata only allows a single assignment per note    
- the metadata does not support a hierarchy; only a single level via a Stacks field in the Notebook record

>>main tags are Tasks and Waiting For

I also use a  project-id tag   
Status-Completed is assigned using the reminderDone field   
The Reminders feature is also used to identify active tasks, and due dates

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