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Desktop version opens to half screen size

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With previous versions,  the trick was to get the screen looking the way you want it,  then close Evernote down.  When restarted,  you should get your layout back - the registry settings having been refreshed to that position.  Not sure it that still works with the new one.

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Sorry that didn't work - maybe someone else can assist.

Workflowy is basically an outliner - type a comment,  then another;  hit 'tab' on the second one and it becomes a child of the first entry.  The hierarchy is (they say) 'infinite',  though I haven't used it much beyond about 10 levels.  There are various aids to text entry - type any date in any format and it will be properly formatted in a standard style;  and there are different displays - I used a Kanban board for the link in my signature.  Its two major features are search - type any keyword,  tag or date and you get an almost instant display of the hit(s) for that term;  and the fact that each individual bullet has a unique,  sharable,  web address - again see my signature.  That's the contents of a single bullet + children arranged as a Kanban board. 

Because of the links flexibility it can also link between bullets,  and (my favourite) it can 'mirror' a bullet - which is to say the same information can appear in more than one place,  and it will be editable in all the places it appears.  So (forinstance) addresses can be entered once,  but appended to any mention of a name or company in subsequent notes.  If I become aware that the details need changing I can edit one entry and it will change all instances.  It more recently has acquired image and file storage,  and it streams Youtube and Twitter access - though all that's just out of beta.

Workflowy is an amazing app - I use it to curate my Evernote account - with a couple of hundred notebooks and 53,000 notes I need to leave myself reminders about where stuff goes,  and keep easily searchable lists of contact numbers and file links.  It's not (yet) serious competition for Evernote - but give it a few years,  and it might grow!

- Apologies if that was much more than you cared to know! 🙂

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5 hours ago, seebee said:

Thanks for your input. I thought the same, but it never remembers.

One thing to try is to make sure you not only close the app but you also close it fully from the elephant icon on the system tray before you shut down your computer. Forcing the background stuff to close by shutting down your computer seems to behave differently from closing the app fully before shutting down your computer. No guarantees but it has worked for me for similar issues in the past.

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If anyone else is experiencing this, the solution is to 'cntrl + shift and right mouse click' on the Evernote shortcut icon and select 'properties'

Go to the 'shortcut' TAB, then down to 'run'. The choice here should be set to MAXIMISED.

IF you are using a BETA version of EN, it will not work. You must go to the standard version icon.

EN edit.jpg

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1 minute ago, PinkElephant said:

Thanks for posting. Would better be located in the Subforum for the old Windows client.

Even though this is version 10.16.7? If so, you'd better let me know where to find it.

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