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I too cannot see any of the recent notes I shared to Evernote via android share sheet.


I have tried this in Oneplus 8 as well as Realme X. Newly shared notes simply do not show up.


Didn't we go through the missing notes issue on iOS last year? Was nothing learnt?

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My notes will not save, either.  Not web clippings nor notes I manually make.  I am a paying Premium customer for over ten years and all of a sudden I literally cannot use their service since they updated the app on me without asking.  It is frankly, outrageous.

Is there any workaround?  Why should I have to "workaround" to simply use an app?

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 Same Problem.  I use a PC, and it won't save my new notes.  This happened about two weeks ago, and I converted to the web version but now the problem is back.  Frustrating.  Maybe start using Microsoft Onenote.  If anybody knows how to solve this let me know.

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