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  1. I echo many of the comments above. I don't like the font and line spacing of the next version (March 2021 on Windows PC). And the line spacing puts much less text on the page. Additionally, the font color is too light, it's a medium grey, I would prefer black for readability. I also vote for an option to change the default font and line spacing, and ideally font color
  2. Fully agree. It's a big reason why I use Notion and Google Docs much of the time.
  3. I use the "intitle:" search operator a thousand times a day to find notes with a certain word or phrase in the title. It's one of my most used features in Evernote, it's bread and butter. I wish there was a button in the menu bar (or somewhere else in the UI), so I could get to this with one click.
  4. Yes! I use intitle all the time, and I would love to see a button in the button bar for this. What other software requires you to type the name of a frequently used feature? The problem is, sometimes I spell it wrong, leave out the :, etc etc. Too much friction.
  5. I would like to see a spellcheck function like that in Microsoft Word. Right now, with Evernote you have to manually scroll through a note, look for items underlined in red, click on them, make a correction, then scroll to the next one. It is so much more efficient to do this in Microsoft Word. In fact, I would just copy notes to Word and spellcheck over there, but this tends to destroy the formatting, especially bullet points. Spellcheck is one of the things I most commonly do in Evernote, and unfortunately the functionality available now is quite inadequate. PS I would like to see this on all Evernote platforms, but I'm only able to post this in the Evernote Web forum. I mostly use Evernote for PC and for iPad.
  6. I second this request. Definitely want to see a Spell Check function that works like Microsoft Word. There's a suggestion about copying a note and then spellchecking it in Word, but I've found that the formatting gets too disrupted going from Evernote to Word and back
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