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Business card scanning and importing into contacts on IOS

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I used to be able to import my scanned business cards into my Contacts on my iphone, but no longer see this ability. Is this feature no longer available, and if so, is it in the works to bring back? It is truly a key feature and without it, scanning cards into Evernote Doesn't provide much benefit. 

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You can scan, it will create a business card note in EN. If it does not detect the business card format (which it usually does), you can choose this format after scanning. There will even be a few extracted fields in that note, if you are lucky and the OCR works and finds that information: Name, phone, e-mail, period.

You can’t send a mail from there, you can’t place a call, it will not replicate itself to contacts. IMHO pretty useless, until significantly updated.

No roadmap, not timetable ...

Personally I use a 3rd party app that does the scanning, OCR, builds an own card holder and sends a copy to contacts. The result needs to be controlled before saving it, auto detection of the correct field is often off, as is OCR from artistic font or designer experiments.

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Thanks for your response. Definitely disappointing and crazy that they would downgrade the feature so much. Importing the contact info into contacts on the phone is essential. Why would anyone want to maintain two separate contact databases - one in IOS and one in Evernote?

Having said that, I see that I can call or email from the Evernote contact, so not clear why you indicated otherwise. A phone number field shows a call and text icon, whereas the email field shows an email icon, all of which trigger actions.

Thanks again and hoping someone at Evernote is paying attention....

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Most disappointing I agree! This was the primary reason i got the premium membership for Evernote. And asking customer service about if this will be brought back is useless, i just get automated replies! 


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