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Can't edit a new note, needs restart of the app

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Hi I'm experiencing this same issue. I'm using version 10.4.3 build 2071 public, Editor: v112.1.14477 For Mac. This happens very often, I can create a note but can't edit it. I need to restart the app in order to edit the not. This is becoming really frustrating... Any plans to fix this issue ?

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I have this issue too - get it sorted immediately!! I can't get to my content - and as a premium user I don't expect to have to keep trying to workout what is wrong with these ever-more terrible version of evernote!


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I have exactly the same problem. MacOS Evernote 10.5.7 build 2171 public, Editor v114.1.14753.

I have been having this problem for at least a month and updating did not fix it.

Pretty basic stuff folks - I can't create a new note without an app restart.  I'm assuming that I don't have to pay my subscription any more since I've got a note-taking app that can't create notes?

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Yep been having this issue for months now still not fixed. Leaving the app open overnight after the machine has been to sleep seems to do it. I can create a new note but not edit it, its just blank. I need to restart the whole app for it to work normally.

I have this issue on mac and windows.

Please fix this basic issue.

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Same thing here:


1. Create note, gets created without title. Note panel blank.

2. Doble click the new note opens separate window with blank contents. Cannot edit there either. 

Issue persist since version 10.

That's incredible how the app was f* up recently. I could report 10 more issues, but I am just tired of typing and do not want to share recording publicly with my notes previews. 

Anyway I hope you guys will turn this thing around.

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I have the same issue since few months ago. It's a shame they don't even answer in the forum. They even launch a new version, full of new features, but don't fix this blocking bug. 

The market is full of different options, I'm definitively going to start looking into those if this is issue is not taken care.

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Same issue here except it's on Windows and I actually need to reboot my primary windows machine to be able to edit again - restarting the app doesn't fix it.

So, to use Evernote when editing "freezes," I need to shut down every job I'm running, close every open file I'm working on, reboot the comp, re-open the files I'm working on, restart the jobs I'm running, and then get back to Evernote... Not the most streamlined user experience!

Please fix!!

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Constant issue for me as well, and program restarts don't seem to always work.


EDIT: For those requiring a full PC restart, try shutting down from task manager. I've been closing, and there's been no tray notification, but I noticed there were 7 hanging Evernote processes.

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Support suggested me using legacy app for the meantime until the issue is fixed. It is known to developers. No time frame for a fix.

Legacy app: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314

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I have been experiencing this issue for a few months now as well.  Very frustrating.  I would post the version of the client I am using, but 'About Evernote' pops up a blank window.

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