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  1. Yes me too!! I’ll leave my MacBook Pro (2020) or iMac (OS 10.13.6), to return to it the next day, or after significant number of hours away to find that : 1. I can’t create any new notes 2. I can’t edit anything - not the title, content or even copy/paste into them. I can’t even double click a note to pop it open 3. Existing notes appear blank or with just title... but all are uneditable unless I quit Evernote and sign back in. The all is ok. The iOS version in my iPhone is fine. It’s just the version on the desktop. Please fix this. This problem is getting old.
  2. Bring back the "Create Table of Contents Note". It makes it so convenient when managing notes in a notebook
  3. 1. 🚩🚩🚩🚩Wrong & Missing Thumbnails (see attached images). I'm on Mac 10.13.6 and using the latest Evernote 10.3.6 (latest). These 2 notes I created today are missing the thumbnail or have the wrong thumbnail in the lists (left panel). I've toggled between Snippet and Card views - nothing. I've signed out and signed in... still the same. The wrong/missing thumbnails are still there. The one with the wrong thumbnail I had since removed, and replaced it with the current image. The images are both jpgs as are all the other images used in my Evernote. >> I ended up having to create each note from scratch, reloading the images and text, to get the thumbnails to appear as they should. << EVERNOTE: Please help fix this, so we can change/add images to existing notes, without recreating them every time! 2. What happened to the REFRESH or SYNCH button?? I could click that and know my note is instantly updated. Why did you do away with it? Please bring it back! 3. Additional step for Evernote in app links. I've created a Table of Contents with links to my recipes in the app. The older Evernote, when I clicked on the recipe link, it would jump straight to the recipe. Right clicking the link would give me the option to edit, rename etc. However now, there's an extra step which shows the link url, which I then have to click to get to the recipe. WHY?!
  4. Long time Evernote user and I have to say, I miss the grid and the notebook layout. It was visual and fast to get to what I wanted. Don't like the list form. Even better if you'd let us select an image for the notebook's cover, so we can recognise it quicker in a screen of notebooks. And while you're at it, please provide for better text formatting. I know MWord this is not, but surely Evernote can do something better than what we currently have.
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