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  1. Evernote used to be exactly that (I've been a user since about 2015-6?). Worked perfectly as described across any device. Now it frequently fails or freezes on me, so I only use it now to see my old records (if I can). This support thread is a good example of how the company has devolved. I've moved now to other software to do what I need for new things. I used to recommend it everywhere. I even gave a packed seminar on it at a music conference! No more...
  2. This is getting close to abort time on this software. Same issue here with frozen Evernote after computer locks overnight... This issue, plus the lack of pdf output for scanned docs... i'm holding on by a thread now. But what is most troubling is the complete lack of communication on items like this (solution coming? timetable? never going to happen?). That's an acute sign of illness in a tech organization.
  3. Same here. This was the #1 feature i used Evernote for... scanning documents and outputting as pdfs. Without this, not useful. Looking for replacement software and will follow up here for everyone.
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